Deep down inside all of us have an “IT.” Something we believe will ultimately fulfill what may be lacking in our hearts. “IT” can be a job, a relationship, a thing, or even a future plan. Are you honest enough to admit your “IT”? _________________________________.

“IT” can be a very important thing, but “IT” can never be enough. Until our “WHO” becomes more important than our “IT,” we will continue to jump from “IT” to "IT.” On top of everything, our hearts are idol factories by nature. We're just really good at continually trying to put the “IT” before the “WHO."

We falsely assume the next “IT” or even the ideal circumstances will somehow quench what is lacking deep within our souls.

Circumstances have never been more ideal than they were in the Garden of Eden and yet it wasn’t enough for Adam and Eve. The most ideal circumstances imaginable will not be enough if we put the “IT” before the “WHO."

Prayer: God help us to never fall into the trap of believing the next "IT" can take the place of YOU. Whether we find ourselves on the mountaintop or on the backside of the pasture or at the bottom of the valley, may we find our identity in the "WHO."

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