I fear that an incredible lesson is being lost on a generation.

We are living our lives greatly unaware, or at the very least undervaluing, the importance of spiritual authority in our lives. The covering of protection and blessing that living under the canopy of God’s authority ushers into our lives.

God’s kingdom operates according to channels of authority and He chooses to promote according to channels of authority. There is place of blessing that can only be found in submission to godly authority. Unfortunately, this concept of authority has been under threat for some time.

The need to submit to spiritual authority has slowly been eroded by concepts such as personal liberty, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the freedom to choose our own path. We may choose to live under the canopy of spiritual authority when it fits our preconceived agendas, but not when it gets tough. Not when it calls us out, goes against our plans, or blocks the true motives of our heart. We tolerate spiritual authority when it agrees with our plans, but what happens when there is conflict?

Here are just a few things you may not know about a biblical understanding of authority:

  • It is instituted for your protection, not to limit your power or ability.
  • Every great leaders should be submitted to some level of authority. A leader with no oversight or authority is incredibly dangerous.
  • Many times God chooses to speak and direct through the channels of authority in your life. Without this covering, you are missing a significant piece of the puzzle.
  • Your willingness to submit to authority, especially when you disagree, may be the greatest revealer of your heart.

Saul rejected the authority of the prophet Samuel and was rejected by God and lived out his days as a madman.

David chose to submit himself to the prophet Nathan when confronted with his sin and he was restored.

Absolom chose to listen to ungodly authorities that led him astray and ultimately resulted in his death.

Solomon lived without any spiritual authority or accountability and his heart was eventually led astray.

How do I live under the covering of God's blessing?

  • Go find or identify godly spiritual authority.
  • Submit yourself and your life to that authority.
  • Live under the covering of their authority and leadership.
  • Choose to honor your authority.

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