This past Sunday we finished up our series, LOVE LIES, cultural myths we believe about love, sex, and marriage. It’s the second time we’ve done this particular series. There is not another series more discussed, watched/listened to, and attended. Why, because it deeply resonates with questions we’re all facing in one way or another.

Our culture has fed us LIES about love, sex, and marriage and we’ve bought them. These LIES/MYTHS have given us unrealistic expectations about love, sex, and marriage and have only fueled a growing dissatisfaction in many relationships and marriages.

What are some of these MYTHS/LIES that are fueling this dissatisfaction and how do we replace them with TRUTH that will lead us into joy in our relationships?


  • MYTH: We believe our spouse/relationship should bring us personal fulfillment or complete us
    • TRUTH: There is not another person on this planet who can satisfy your soul, only Christ


  • MYTH: We believe if things are difficult we’re somehow missing out on something better
    • TRUTH: Great marriages don’t happen easily or by accident - it takes work


  • MYTH: We believe intense feelings should always accompany true love
    • TRUTH: We are called to act our way into feeling not feel our way into action


  • MYTH: We believe there is a single person (“the one”) who fits us perfectly and will make it easy
    • TRUTH: A great relationship is based on your level of sacrifice, not just compatibility & chemistry


  • MYTH: We believe our happiness is the ultimate goal of a relationship or marriage
    • TRUTH: Persevering in obedience will lead to life and joy, more than circumstantial happiness


Any time we enter into a relationship hoping it will fulfill our lives then we are inevitably setting ourselves up for disappointment. As followers of Christ, we cannot expect a relationship to do what only a personal relationship with Jesus can do. If our identity is not firmly rooted in Him, then we will put a weight on that person they cannot bear. That’s why a marriage was designed to be side-by-side focused on Christ, not face-to-face focused on each other.

If a cultural LIE we've believed can hold us in bondage and keep us dissatisfied then the TRUTH can set us free and lead us into joy.

Click here to listen to Love Lies sermon series at City Church

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