I've watched time and time again people get frustrated because they can't maintain growth or change in their life. They think that life is linear; a straight line up and to the right, but it's not - not even close. In fact, that's just downright unrealistic. Real growth that leads to real change is a series of S curves.

This means that after you experience a mountaintop moment (coming back from a missions trip, encountering God in a church service, coming off 21 days of prayer & fasting) it is unrealistic to think that you can stay on that mountaintop. There is a natural letdown after each mountaintop experience but not back to where you started. If you really evaluate what has happened in your life then you realize that you don't start back at square one. The distance between the CHANGE and the START is the GROWTH you've achieved through that experience.

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In light of this, please take a few minutes and evaluate what has happened in you during this 21 days of prayer & fasting:

  • What did I learn about myself during these 21 days? (good and bad)
  • What was God trying to show me through this process?
  • What needs to change in my life moving forward? Are there certain things that have a tendency to control me?
  • What spiritual rhythms of renewal do I need to begin implementing?