Busyness is the killer of joy. We begin focusing on a preferred time in the future and develop a tendency to miss what is happening right now. I can be living right in the middle of the "good ole days" of life, family, and ministry and completely miss it. The last few weeks I've watched God do some amazing, remarkable things in my life, and yet, because I was operating beyond my capacity, I've often felt more drained than encouraged.

Here's the hardest part: Admitting that the busyness of life is nobody's fault but mine! I'm the gatekeeper of what I allow in and out of my life. I choose what to say "yes" and "no" to.

Busyness is a thief! Busyness drains my energy and it keeps me from giving the people I love my very best. Busyness keeps me running and creates feelings of inadequacy and inability. Busyness robs me of the joy of being in the moment. Busyness keeps me worried and fearful about the things I can't control. It is a thief!

In my life, I've realized busyness is only accentuated when I've failed to do these things:

  • Neglected times of retreat and solitude with God
  • Not managed my time and schedule well or said "yes" to too many things or the wrong things
  • Not spent enough quality time with healthy, life-giving people
  • Failed to regularly practice thanksgiving and gratitude

What do you need to take back today that has been robbed from you?

What are the healthy practices/rhythms you need to find in order to walk in peace and joy?