Resurrections is what God does. It's who He is. He specializes in taking dead things and giving them life or taking what is broken and piecing it back together again.

The unfortunate part about resurrections is the reality, that first, something must die. That's what makes a resurrection so spectacular, that at some point along the way there was ZERO life remaining. While resurrections are surely spectacular the process is rarely easy. I guess that's why deaths are much more common than resurrections.

I believe fasting is the difficult and grueling process of bringing death to something we've started to cling to. We're praying that God will bring resurrection through this process, but first, something must die in us. During this process of death, there is a very real struggle we will experience as something we've developed an appetite for is being ripped from us.

Every time I begin a new prayer and fasting journey I experience this death over the first few days. It's uncomfortable. It's difficult. Things are dying inside of me that my flesh wants to hold onto. My mind is being rewired to think differently. As I sit here writing this, my stomach is growling and my head is throbbing. It's just another reminder that death must precede resurrection. 

If you're feeling this struggle right now or in the days to come, take courage. The resurrection is always worth it.



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